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Andy Palacio de Marcelo Coelho. In 2007 I photographed Andy Palacio in Belize. His life's mission was to help save a dying culture called Garifuna, through his music. The Garifuna culture and traditions were disappearing with the eldest of the country, and the assimilation to the modern world drove the Garifuna to abandon the traditions that Palacio had just discovered.


The Garifuna Collective "Mongulu" OFFICIAL VIDEO de Cumbancha. Andy Palacio & The Garifuna Collective's 2007 album Wátina is one of the most praised world music albums ever released, and was selected by as the Greatest World Music Album of All Time. On the cusp of tremendous fame, Andy passed away suddenly a year after Wátina was released, leaving the world to wonder just how big he could have become..


Andy Palacio - Watina by Brent Toombs



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